ISO standards are needed accross many industries. Below are examples of industries Beilage works with.



Equipment must operate without causing mutual interference and it should also be impervious to external interference. The big three car makers in America have harmonized technical specifications in ISO/TS 16949. If you want to keep up with the market leaders, then it would be wise to switch to certification based on this popular international standard

Building & construction


Delegated responsibility plays an increasingly prominent role in infrastructural civil engineering and building projects. Questions such as “Are you a competent firm?” or “Is this electrical installation safe?” are becoming key criteria for securing contracts. By awarding certificates, we can reassure all those involved that they are dealing with a reliable firm.



To ensure that your plant and processes operate at the very highest level of safety – and are environmentally accountable – effective equipment and sound working practices are essential. We cooperate closely with utilities in research projects, for example on energy saving and renewable energy.

Food & feed


We help the global food and agriculture industry to ensure product safety, improve quality, and reduce risks. ISO 22000, based on the principles of HACCP, employs a preventive approach to food safety and involves identifying possible food safety hazards and controlling them.

Health care


There are few industries where safety and quality are so critical as in the Health Care and Welness industry. As consumers, we demand the very highest safety standards from companies that provide products and services in this sector.

Manufacturing industry


We help the manufacturing industry to ensure product safety, improve quality, comply with applicable local and international standards, reduce cost and time to market and minimize risks.

Retail & trade


Buying and selling your products consists of a long chain of transactions. Your risks lie primarily in “transfer moments”. It goes without saying that you want to limit the risks as much as possible during these transfer moments in the production chain.

Service providers


In order to ensure that equipment and processes are safe and to minimize environmental impact, we employ computer-assisted risk management methodologies. We can help you minimize potential risks due to defective systems and materials and certify your internal systems to international standards including ISO 9001 (Quality Systems), ISO 14001 (Environmental Systems) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety).

Transport & infrastructure


The transport & infrastructure industry is crucial to the global economy. To ensure that you operate at the very highest level of safety – and environmentally accountable – effective equipment and sound working practices are essential.